What really happened to missing duck hunter Tyler Doyle?

What really happened to missing duck hunter Tyler Doyle?

Twenty-two-year-old Tyler Doyle of Loris, SC went missing during a duck hunt on Jan. 26, 2023 near the border of North and South Carolina. A massive manhunt began almost immediately, with rescuers reportedly on scene within 9 minutes of being called.

But as of Feb. 4, a full 9 days later, Doyle has not been found. This despite search and rescue teams from the U.S. Coast Guard, the SC Dept. of Natural Resources, the NC Marine Fisheries Division and numerous other local, highly-trained rescue teams with state-of-the-art technology looking non-stop. And that’s not to mention untold numbers of private volunteers also looking. From land, sea and air, it’s been a search of epic proportions.

As always, some folks jump to conclusions right away. It was the same in this case. Early on, some were calling it a hoax. All a conspiracy. His duck hunting buddy did it. He’s on the lam to escape an upcoming court date. He decided to start a new life. He’s safe at home, but staying hidden so that his wife can collect his life insurance money and hopefully collect some donations from the good people of the world.

But all the speculation has just been that – speculation and rumor. Started, spread and bolstered by those not on the ground, on the water, or involved in any way in the search for Doyle. Meanwhile, those organizations that have been involved in the search have tried to put those rumors to rest. Agencies like the SCDNR have released multiple statements saying this is simply the case of a boating/hunting accident and that no foul play is suspected.


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