Why knives make the best Christmas gifts

Knives make great Christmas gifts.

Palm Desert, CA (November 20, 2023) – Choosing the perfect knife to give as a holiday gift can be overwhelming. There are many choices; fortunately, finding a reliable EDC knife that suits your lifestyle is easier than ever. When a knife is given as a gift, it also gives the ability to carve another gift. It offers a way to help make a fire, slice cheese, cut twine, clean a fish, and much more.
Consider the following when searching for a good Christmas EDC knife. It should be lightweight and compact for convenient carrying. It should be durable, able to withstand frequent use, and capable of cutting through various materials. Safety should be a factor; fixed-blade knives have no moving parts compared to folding knives, which take some practice and skill to master. Bear Forest Knives has the solution! 

On Three EDC
Stocking stuffers are usually small, useful items that are a precursor to the more significant Christmas gift—in this case, it may be better. With an overall length of 6.5 inches, the On Three EDC knife utilizes a handy 2.75-inch blade made of 52100 carbon steel. The handle is 3.5 inches long, offering a small knife a secure grip. An everyday carry (EDC) knife is an unassuming cutting tool designed for a vast array of situations and applications. They’re intended to carry daily and conveniently like items in your pocket, bag, or pouch. An EDC knife should be carried the same as your phone, flashlight, pen, sunglasses, or keys.
Make your Christmas gift a good one with a knife that will last a lifetime and be passed down. Bear Forest Knives are true American adventure tools built to last!
Bear Forest Knives- On Three EDC
Overall Length: 6.5 inchesBlade Length: 2.75 inchesThickness: .125 inchesSteel: 52100 Carbon SteelGrind: Full FlatFinish: Rock Tumbled Acid WashHandles: Green Hornet Micarta, Wheat Coarse Canvas Micarta, Black Canvas Micarta, Natural Linen Micarta, Stabilized Dogwood (Salyer Property)Sheath: KydexDesigner: Jason SalyerMade in the USAMSRP: $159.99
About Bear Forest Knives:Bear Forest Knives shares an abiding love for the great outdoors, the freedom and fresh air, and the chance to connect with nature in all its glorious forms. Bear Forest Knives was created to enhance all adventures and interactions in the wild, standing at the ready for whatever the day or night, climate, or conditions may bring. Bear Forest Knives are purpose-built for these moments and the daily life that happens in between.For more information, please visit: https://www.bearforestknives.com/

Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub

Got smelly hands? Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub has the cure!

Was a time when I kept a tube of toothpaste at my fish-cleaning station. But it wasn’t for brushing my teeth. I used it to rub thoroughly into my hands after I’d washed them, attempting to cover the fish smell that even soap couldn’t get rid of.

But you won’t find toothpaste there any longer. Or bars of soap for that matter. Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub is what I use now, and it’s pretty much a miracle product in my estimation.

Once I’m done cleaning fish, sealing up the fillets and tossing out the bones and such, I run a little warm water, squirt a dab of Mackenzie’s on the palm of one hand, then rub it and scrub it in with the other hand.

This is a true scrub, with particles embedded into soap, so as you rub it in, it doesn’t just clean; it deep cleans. And that’s what you need after cleaning piles of slimy, smelly fish. You might call it a harsh scrub, but it’s only harsh where it needs to be. And it leaves your hands not only clean, but also feeling refreshed and invigorated.

That comes from its ingredients, like coconut husks, pumice, lemon essential oils, coconut oil and red palm oil. It’s all a part of the perfect combination needed to give your hands a deep clean, while also keeping those hands moisturized, smooth and fresh.

It’s a great gift for yourself, or for anyone you know who loves to fish or do any type of outdoor chores. Bonus tip: if you hire a charter guide, he’ll never forget who gifted him some Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub.

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BOTE Inflatable Rackham Aero with Apex Drive

The inflatable BOTE Rackham Aero with Apex Drive is a stable watercraft that’s a joy to fish from.

Today’s inflatable watercraft are highly durable and super stable. Gone are the days of fearing a blowout on the water, just like the days of feeling “bouncy” when the watercraft is fully inflated.

The Inflatable Bote Rackham Aero with Apex Drive stands at the forefront of modern stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) innovation, embodying a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, portability, and high-performance capabilities. This remarkable inflatable SUP model redefines the paddling experience, offering a seamless fusion of convenience and excitement.

Inflatable Versatility: The Rackham Aero with Apex Drive features a robust inflatable design crafted from rugged military-grade PVC material. Utilizing advanced drop-stitch construction, this board achieves a remarkably sturdy and stable platform on the water, ensuring a secure footing for paddlers. Its inflatable nature allows for effortless deflation and storage, making it a supremely portable option for both local adventures and distant explorations.

Apex Drive Propulsion System: The pinnacle of innovation lies in the Apex Drive propulsion system. This groundbreaking technology integrates an electric motor directly into the board’s framework. Positioned at the stern, the Apex Drive system empowers paddlers with adjustable speed and directional controls, all conveniently managed through a wireless remote. This feature revolutionizes the SUP experience, offering an exhilarating alternative to conventional paddling and broadening the accessibility of the sport to paddlers of diverse skill levels.

Unparalleled Performance: The Apex Drive system doesn’t merely elevate speed; it amplifies maneuverability as well. Paddlers can gracefully navigate diverse water conditions, from calm lakes to meandering rivers, all with enhanced precision and ease. The wireless remote ensures real-time adjustments, catering to individual preferences and creating an immersive and personalized aquatic adventure.

Adaptability for Activities: The Rackham Aero’s design versatility caters to an array of waterborne pursuits. With its spacious deck area, the board accommodates gear, catering to fishing enthusiasts and explorers who wish to carry equipment. Its reliable stability and responsiveness lend themselves to touring, fishing, leisurely paddling, and more, encapsulating the essence of SUP versatility.

Eco-Conscious Engineering: The integration of the Apex Drive system is a testament to the board’s eco-conscious approach. This technology minimizes the impact on aquatic ecosystems and contributes to the growing movement of sustainable water recreation.

In summation, the Inflatable Bote Rackham Aero with Apex Drive transcends the boundaries of traditional stand-up paddleboarding. Its inflatable design marries convenience with durability, allowing adventurers to seize opportunities on any water body. The revolutionary Apex Drive propulsion system redefines paddling dynamics, infusing excitement and accessibility into the sport. With its inventive features, adaptable performance, and dedication to responsible recreation, the Rackham Aero with Apex Drive epitomizes the future of stand-up paddleboarding, inviting paddlers to embark on a journey of thrilling aquatic exploration.

5.11 Tactical Ferro Knife

The 5.11 Tactical Ferro Knife is a rugged and versatile tool that proves its mettle in various outdoor scenarios. Whether you’re an avid camper, a survival enthusiast, or a casual hiker, this knife is designed to be your steadfast companion.

With its thoughtful design and robust features, the Ferro Knife is a testament to 5.11 Tactical’s commitment to quality and functionality.One of the standout features of the Ferro Knife is its durable construction.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the blade maintains a sharp edge even after extended use. Its superior corrosion resistance ensures that the knife can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor adventures in diverse environments.

The blade’s ergonomic design deserves applause. The textured handle provides a comfortable grip, reducing the risk of slips and mishaps, especially when dealing with wet or gloved hands. The knife’s balanced weight distribution enhances control, making intricate tasks like whittling or food preparation feel effortless.

A distinctive aspect of the Ferro Knife is its integrated fire starter. The included Ferro rod and striker are securely housed within the knife’s sheath, offering a reliable method to ignite fires in emergency situations. This clever addition showcases the knife’s multifunctionality, giving you peace of mind when venturing into the wilderness. Furthermore, the knife’s sheath is a testament to intelligent design.

Crafted from durable materials, it ensures both secure storage and quick access. The belt loop and MOLLE compatibility offer versatile carrying options, adapting to your preferred style and ensuring the knife is always within reach when you need it.In testing, the Ferro Knife excelled in various tasks. From preparing kindling for a campfire to effortlessly slicing through cordage, its performance remained consistent and dependable.

The blade’s fine edge retention and ease of sharpening make it a practical choice for extended trips where a reliable cutting tool is essential.While the 5.11 Tactical Ferro Knife boasts numerous merits, it’s important to note its size and weight.

The knife’s substantial build might be less suited for those seeking a lightweight option, but this trade-off guarantees durability and versatility.In conclusion, the 5.11 Tactical Ferro Knife earns its place as a formidable outdoor tool. Its blend of durability, functionality, and intelligent design make it an excellent choice for adventurers who demand a dependable and versatile knife.

Whether you’re tackling the great outdoors or simply adding to your collection, the Ferro Knife is a worthy investment that won’t disappoint. Click here to order yours.