Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub

Got smelly hands? Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub has the cure!

Was a time when I kept a tube of toothpaste at my fish-cleaning station. But it wasn’t for brushing my teeth. I used it to rub thoroughly into my hands after I’d washed them, attempting to cover the fish smell that even soap couldn’t get rid of.

But you won’t find toothpaste there any longer. Or bars of soap for that matter. Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub is what I use now, and it’s pretty much a miracle product in my estimation.

Once I’m done cleaning fish, sealing up the fillets and tossing out the bones and such, I run a little warm water, squirt a dab of Mackenzie’s on the palm of one hand, then rub it and scrub it in with the other hand.

This is a true scrub, with particles embedded into soap, so as you rub it in, it doesn’t just clean; it deep cleans. And that’s what you need after cleaning piles of slimy, smelly fish. You might call it a harsh scrub, but it’s only harsh where it needs to be. And it leaves your hands not only clean, but also feeling refreshed and invigorated.

That comes from its ingredients, like coconut husks, pumice, lemon essential oils, coconut oil and red palm oil. It’s all a part of the perfect combination needed to give your hands a deep clean, while also keeping those hands moisturized, smooth and fresh.

It’s a great gift for yourself, or for anyone you know who loves to fish or do any type of outdoor chores. Bonus tip: if you hire a charter guide, he’ll never forget who gifted him some Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub.

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