What really happened to missing duck hunter Tyler Doyle?

What really happened to missing duck hunter Tyler Doyle?

Twenty-two-year-old Tyler Doyle of Loris, SC went missing during a duck hunt on Jan. 26, 2023 near the border of North and South Carolina. A massive manhunt began almost immediately, with rescuers reportedly on scene within 9 minutes of being called.

But as of Feb. 4, a full 9 days later, Doyle has not been found. This despite search and rescue teams from the U.S. Coast Guard, the SC Dept. of Natural Resources, the NC Marine Fisheries Division and numerous other local, highly-trained rescue teams with state-of-the-art technology looking non-stop. And that’s not to mention untold numbers of private volunteers also looking. From land, sea and air, it’s been a search of epic proportions.

As always, some folks jump to conclusions right away. It was the same in this case. Early on, some were calling it a hoax. All a conspiracy. His duck hunting buddy did it. He’s on the lam to escape an upcoming court date. He decided to start a new life. He’s safe at home, but staying hidden so that his wife can collect his life insurance money and hopefully collect some donations from the good people of the world.

But all the speculation has just been that – speculation and rumor. Started, spread and bolstered by those not on the ground, on the water, or involved in any way in the search for Doyle. Meanwhile, those organizations that have been involved in the search have tried to put those rumors to rest. Agencies like the SCDNR have released multiple statements saying this is simply the case of a boating/hunting accident and that no foul play is suspected.


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    1. Thank you for including my info 🙏 I was upset my words got leaked, but it was obviously for a reason out of my control that may have brought the attention it needed and saved others out there searching too.

      -T Michelle

      1. I’ve read it’s all suspect because the family isn’t talking or helping the investigation.

      2. Very thought provoking post. Has it been reported anywhere whether any calls from Tyler’s phone were verified – call detail log would document exact time of alleged distress call (or absence thereof), as well as any calls made my the friend, Christian, and time of call to 911. Then a timeline can be created of the whole morning leading up to alleged incident as well as close proximity of phone location based on triangulation of the cell phone pinging from towers in area. I haven’t seen ANY mention of the time he was in distress compared to the time 911 was called. Only that they were there in 9 min. But who knows when something nefarious or tragic occurred, or even if it did.

      3. Thank you Michelle, myself and my daughter have been out the past 3 days searching on foot any and everywhere we could get to from sunset beach all the way to north myrtle and this morning everything is just weird and awkward!! The family that was so nice to us tue past few days now looked at us this morning as if they didn’t even know who we were and what we were even doing there!! I just don’t get it, it made my daughter so uncomfortable that we left bc of the nasty looks and whispers we were getting!!

    2. I know there’s a lot of foolish people out there, but you would hope that by now people who think they can pull a ruse or create a cover up are going to be found out at some point in time and it’s usually pretty quick. So, why bother trying if you are likely to be caught? I hope that none of the main characters (wife, family, friends) are in on something. Doesn’t seem realistic, but who knows? There have been some odd developments.

      Remember, if a phone call was made from a sinking boat, then the authorities would have already determined where that last ping location was from. If something didn’t add up and they knew hundreds of people were investing their time and money and energy to help out…I would hope they’d tell people to stop wasting their time.

      Anyone who thinks they want to help, should be wise enough to call the local authorities to see what they say to questions like: Should I help? Is it a waste of time? Is this an active case of some sort (missing person, foul play, etc.)? I would think that if it was an active case, and the police weren’t sure, they’d say something so that any potential crime evidence is not tampered with or destroyed. Or they would state that if you see or suspect something then notify the police. Perhaps they have done that, but I haven’t seen it.

      If I was a news reporter, I’d certainly be on the hunt for the real story by talking to the authorities, Coast Guard and family. I’d be finding out if anyone has hired an attorney. Maybe the real story is the story that is being told that sadly a duck hunter got lost in the water and while his belongings have been recovered, he hasn’t and the governing authorities have given up, but family, friends and strangers have not.

      The truth will be told at some point and some people will not like it no matter what it is.

  1. None of this makes any sense to me. Something is wrong here ! Everyone who had talked to him last need to be interview. Smh. I hope by the grace of he is found alive and unharmed.

  2. This is something I haven’t seen asked nowhere!
    Where is Tyler’s truck? What body ramp did they use? Are they’re cameras to confirmed them going in or the boat being towed out?

    1. Thats exactly right and a great point. I dont ever wanna speculate but with the family begging for resources, help, money, volunteers, anything anyone can give it seems weird that theyre turning down specific help attempts. At least Hunter Hadleys family used their go fund me to pay for gas for their volunteers and hotels for them instead of grifting for a dollar. I bet he will make a “miracle” recovery. Some “amazing feat of human survival”

    2. I have been wondering this the entire time! His wallet was in his dry pocket but not his truck keys? Where’s the truck? Day 2 or 3 I posted a comment on WPDE post about him missing and all I said, being the logical person I am said “something is very off with this story and friend” I IMMEDIATELY got jumped on by “friends” and called insensitive and some other things etc.

      1. I have too and I over look it bc they act like the personally know the ppl and they dont.at the end of the day they know it don’t add up and sounds all fishy themselves.

    3. His truck and trailer was at the boat ramp they looked, nothing. Everything was still at the ramp when they were looking

    4. Exactly! How’s the boat get there? Tyler’s truck or his friends, no matter which where is said vehicle. And which boat ramp did they use!

    5. This has been something I have been questioning as well!! Nobody has answers to these questions and gosh forbid you ask in one of the groups….BAAMMMM BLOCKED IMMEDIATELY SMH

  3. As I said in my Facebook post that sums this entire article up…
    “I was starting to think the Chinese Spy Balloon was coming over to help search for Tyler Doyle. Now I’m convinced that the 30k for his wife’s GoFundMe account was used to hire a military jet to shoot it down so they can’t find him. Social Media is a heck of a place man. Lol. We’ll all just have to wait until Netflix releases the documentary next year.”

  4. The writer of this article has some mental issues. Who the hell calls someone petty. Fuck off you piece of shit. Leave this wife alone.

    1. First off, the article makes a lot of great valid points. Anyone with critical thinking skills would see right through the unusual circumstances. And using foul language towards the writer is worse than stating the obvious that yes the behaviors as of late from the inner circle of the family/friends are all petty/suspicious. It has been made public they are making threats to others who offered their help.

      When I first noticed this story on FB I had shared one of the many post praying that this young man be found. Not really knowing too much detail. But after I starting reading more post from one of his friends Josh! I too questioned the tactics behind his searching. My gut instincts were telling me something is not normal about the timeline and events that took place when he initially disappeared. And yes opening a baby registry days after your husband goes missing is odd to me when at almost full term you would think you’d have majority if not all your baby’s needs bought up by now. But, maybe that’s just the planner in me when. Some people are too broke and procrastinators.

      It’s natural for people to question motives. It’s natural for people who have no connection to this family that are volunteering their time, resources, and money to wonder why this young man is not being found. And finding the friends behavior bizarre.

      I still hope at the end of the day Tyler is found. I have no doubt this questionable case will be solved. Whether the theories are correct or not. I believe justice will come out of this. Either his body will be found or someone will slip up.

      Just my two cents.

      1. I do find it strange that she opened her baby registry to the public. That’s just really odd….

    2. It’s actually a very well written and logical article with very open minded questions and points. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    3. I don’t think the author specifically called the wife petty…It was a question, hence the little symbol ? at the end. WOW! Reading Comprehension is what is lost today.

      1. I have to agree on the reading comprehension. The article was well written. I don’t follow stories like this and the Murdaugh Murders so I had to check it out to see what all the hype was about. Too much drama for my interest. The truth always comes out even if it takes years.

    4. So many red flags, yet you think the writer has mental issues? Maybe the wife and friend shouldn’t be pandering for money and gifts while her husband is assumed missing. But yeah, it’s the big bad writers fault!

      1. People were requesting that she share her registry. When my baby was born, we had a traumatic labor and delivery-after, while she was in NICU, people kept requesting my registry details and I was flooded with gifts. People feel helpless and want to help during a tragedy. She is probably updating her registry because….that’s what pregnant women do. I’m 33 weeks and still adding to mine. It’s a way to feel close to the baby. It’s a distraction. She’s in her early 20s. She’s naive. Of course she’s looking at social media because was 20 year old isn’t? It’s a different generation. & she can’t help that her friend set up a gofundme with honorable intentions.

    5. Can’t help but talk about her she is pregnant by his friend there is alot of lying going on all this is suspect

  5. So many questions left unanswered. So many spottings dismissed as a “log” “trash bag”… it’s all going to unfold shortly! This article is most definitely my top theory, he’s hiding. Used the money from go fund me, Venmo and cashapp to rack up so the wife will be taken care of when he serves his time. All those people devoted their time to this man and he’s about to play use all.

    1. served his time for what? It was self defense and dismissed in court. Stand your ground 😉

    2. I never knew that there was so many sick minded people in this world. Tyler is missing and it’s funny how so many are followers and can’t use their own brains to see people are causing drama.

  6. I haven’t heard nothing about the his mom are dad are her mom and dad .. where are they at though this man hunt ? If Iam wrong are I missed something, please, I would like to know there thoughts,,!!

    1. Not everyone has the privilege of having both parents (hell, or even ANY parent) around or alive. Anyway, he was raised by his father. Not sure what happened to his mom, but she isn’t, and hasn’t been, in the picture for a long time.

  7. Why hasn’t law enforcement stepped up to stop the untrained public from gathering potential “recovered” items from this “accident”?
    If the professionals have not found him – with their state of the art equipment immediately following the “accident “ – why will they now?
    I’d be curious as to where they are keeping him or his remain. I’d be watching every move this family was making.
    They can block folks they don’t like but that doesn’t mean law enforcement isn’t watching.

  8. I want to know why no one has even tried to get proof that he was ever actually even with his friends. Like video footage from gas stations? Anyone in the area that actually saw them together. I don’t think he was ever on the boat. I have a feeling all these people who went and tried to help are going to be absolutely furious when they find out they were lied to from the start. It’s a good lesson to stop trusting everything you are told. Hopefully his friends and family are under investigation now.

    1. And that’s the oddest thing about this case. It’s not being handled like a normal missing persons case at all. It’s all being handled by “friends/family” and they’re not looking at other avenues. The “friend”s story has changed several times. I’m not sure why the police aren’t more involved.

    2. I bet the cops know more than they are leaking, and just bidding their time until they have all evidence. I truly cannot wait until he is found and a the factual pieces come out.

  9. It may just be me but why did his wallet look like that? Hundred dollar bills spread out like that? It’s weird! What guy keeps his money like that ya know?!

  10. Do duck hunters actually get dropped off on the jetty (on the rocks) to hunt? I thought it was illegal to be on those jetties? Or, if the friend was dropped off on the beach at the start of the north jetty, how was he “rescued” from the jetties? Did he climb out onto the slippery rocks, in the wind and blowing water, to hunt? The real question is was Tyler actually on the boat that day at the jetty? Or…did the friend get off the boat at the tip of the north jetty, call himself from Tyler’s phone to make it look like Tyler was there, then walk/climb on the jetties back towards land to the point of rescue? If the seas were rolling at 4 feet, does anyone believe ducks were floating out in the ocean and Tyler would drive his jon boat out there to scare them towards his friend?? Call it a profound conspiracy theory or whatever you want, but I think Tyler was killed somewhere between the launch site and the jetties, the friend took Tyler’s waders, gun, etc. out to the tip of the north jetty, through it all overboard, got off the boat and waited for quite awhile so the stuff would float away, then called his phone from Tyler’s phone, dumped Tyler’s phone, crawled back on the jetties and called 911. Call me Nancy Grace 😉

    1. Or maybe the “friend” killed him whether intentionally or accidentally while hunting ….

    2. I lived in NMB and duck hunted with a buddy for many years in the Cherry Grove marsh and Little River jetties. It’s absolutely insane that a hunter would stand on the jetty rocks and fire shotguns. In all my years of hunting that exact area, I never once saw anyone get out of their boat to hunt.

  11. Why not start a go fund me for the first person that spills the beans. Enough money, people start talking.

  12. I feel sorry for the family that has to go through loosing a loved one and now having to deal with backlash from ignorant people. Take the Idaho murder for instance. Ignorant people jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts.

  13. THIS!!!! thank you for putting all this out there!! I have been following this story since the beginning. At first it sounded like a horrific accident and it broke my heart, but as more information continues to come to light it has become a very questionable “mystery.” Too many things that don’t add up, too many questions, too many stories even from family that are “off.” I truly do hope the young man is alive. If he is hiding or on the run that is so wrong but thankful he’s alive. If fowl play was involved and he is no longer with us I DESPERATELY hope that is discovered and those involved are prosecuted to the fullest. All these volunteers from near and far have gone above and beyond trying to help and it seems to me that unfortunately it has been a waste of time and money for them and not appreciated like it should be. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY and quite frankly pissed when Ryan and his wife and Chunky (his bloodhound) drive all the way from Texas, over 1200 miles to get blown off, deleted comments on and straight disrespected! I have faith that the truth will come out. All these family members posting about God, faith, Bible versus and such… I just hope they realize if they are lieing or withholding information where that gets you with the lord. If it does come out that all this is a hoax or the wife or family/friends have covered up a murder all that money should be paid back to those who sent it, gifts returned, and even gas money paid. Unfortunately time can not be given back.
    Always remember the truth will set you free.

  14. Everything always comes to the surface.. no pun intended… in the end. I just hope all turns out the way it should. Faith…hope…karma. Someone knows something. All in its own time.

  15. Most people have Life360, especially the younger generation. Has this been considered? Even the find my phone will pinpoint the location of the phones last/recent location from her phone. Just saying.

  16. I’m wondering…Why did Tyler leave a letter to his wife, which after reading it sounds a little bizarre? Were they having marriage problems?

    1. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves , wrong as hell to shine any light on any of this garbage flying around about this poor family .

    2. Aunt GG, that was my thought too. First, most that age are texting or emailing, not sitting down and writing a letter. I got a weird feeling about him writing they would be taken care of. I read it to my husband without relaying my thoughts and his comments were something’s not right with this.

  17. No one has mentioned the significant amount of white sharks that have been pinging in that area according to Ocearch.

  18. This article is spot on!!!!! I’ve followed this story from the first day. I’ve prayed and even cried. What’s done in the dark WILL come to light. It’s just fishy. My gut says the friend is the baby daddy. My heart says Tyler was killed and why in the world are people this mean.

  19. And, who takes this much money with them to go hunting? I’ve seen comments saying that his money/wallet was in a waterproof velcro pouch, and this explains why it (the money) was dry. Then, per the recorded coversation with Tyler’s Aunt, she stated his wallet/money was “wet” and had to be dried. I’m sorry, but that money in the picture that was circulating looked fresh and crisp to me. So which is it? Was it wet or dry? I know it may be a petty question, but the answers to followers questions are changing constantly.

  20. Please stop harassing this family. They have been searching eleven days for their son and brother,Pray for them.

  21. Some other things that has bothered.me in the phone call with the aunt she says that Christian kid is underage, said it several times. And obviously he’s not.
    Than the josh guy says the only items that’s been found is what listed, waiters, wallet , decoys but others say a shirt and I believe something else was found.
    Than also w. The phone call w. The aunt she said the wallet n money was soaking wet. That they weighed about 50 lbs when they pulled the waiters out of the water cuz they was filled w. Water.. now it shows a pic of them being pulled up definitely doesn’t look like 50 lbs n the money doesn’t look wet. Idk there’s so much more .. but all these statements have came from family or friends … I’m so ready for the truth to unfold.

  22. My biggest issue is why has the friends name not been mentioned and why has he not spoke up and given the true story so all of these accusations can stop. My prayers are that this family gets answers and that all of this will come to a stop and all of the untruth will be resolved.

  23. All the people who are speculating about those involved in this tragedy should be ashamed. You’re turning comments and suspicions into truth and then using them to argue the “facts” as you see them and then wonder why it doesn’t add up. Use your heads and your hearts and either pray for this family or let them be. Why you all seem to think you’re owed explanations and all the details from them is unimaginable to me. I think if it was your loved one you’d spend your time searching and being with your family first and worry about a bunch of curious strangers opinions later. If ever. Please just stop.

  24. Did we ever find out the truth? Is he still missing? I just came back across this old article I had saved in my reading collection and wondering what the outcome was?

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