NC hunter kills Moore County monster

Hunting in Moore County, NC on Nov. 11, 2023, Dalton Wilson of Cameron killed a monster buck. The deer had a wide rack with heavy mass, and Wilson said killing it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here’s Wilson’s story of the hunt from his Facebook post:

“First and foremost, I wanna give all the glory to the man upstairs, and there’s two special woman that gained their angel wings this year that are close to my heart, and I’m for sure they had a hand on each shoulder this evening. A once in a lifetime moment, I will forever cherish!”

“A lot of people thought this deer would ruin friendships, but I think it actually brought us closer with everything going on today. It was truly a blessing and a day that will be in our memories forever.

A huge shout out to Dallas Marsh, Justice Ledford, Michael Greene and Barry, for all the help, means the world.

This one’s for you Hazel Nall and Patricia Strider, heavens got some beautiful angels.”

6-year-old kills giant cull buck

The giant buck was 5 1/2-years old

CT Hallman, 6-years-old, killed a giant 6-point buck that weighed 195 pounds at The Territories in Newberry County, SC on Oct. 18, 2023.

The deer has been aged at 5 1/2-years-old, and he was quite the roamer according to Hallman’s dad, Thomas Hallman.

“The deer was a roamer. Of the 2500 acres we manage here at The Territories, this buck used most of it. My son CT put an end to a 6-week cat-and-mouse game that had no rhyme or reason,” said Hallman.

After seeing the buck show up at a small food plot that was set up in hopes of attracting a doe for the young hunter to shoot, Hallman picked up his son from school and went directly to the stand overlooking that very food plot.

The buck showed up again, and CT shot it with a .243

Tyler Harkey’s Union County (NC) trophy buck

Tracking dog Stella found Harkey’s deer 800 yards away

Tyler Harkey killed a trophy buck while bowhunting on opening day, Sept. 9, 2023, of North Carolina’s archery season. But he lost track of the buck after finding only a little blood, along with his arrow, which was still intact.

Not long after giving up the search, rain pounded the area, dumping 4 inches onto the ground. About 18 hours later, Harkey went to look again, but this time he called Craig Beachum, who brought his tracking dog Stella along.

Despite all the rain and the time that had passed, Stella led the men about 800 yards to the deer’s body. Unfortunately, the buck had been ravaged by coyotes. But the head and antlers were still in fine form and will make a great trophy to help Harkey remember the hunt, and the recovery of the deer.

“I’m at a loss for words, as there is no way I would have found the deer with them,” said Harkey.

Some SC WMAs will open for Sunday hunting

Some WMAs in SC will be open for Sunday hunting beginning Oct. 15, 2023.

South Carolina deer hunters, as well as small game hunters, will be happy to see that several of the Palmetto State’s WMAs and two National Forests will begin opening for Sunday hunting as of Oct. 15, 2023.

According to SCDNR, hunting will be allowed on Sundays between Oct. 15 and Jan. 31 for those species in season on the following WMAs:

Edisto River WMA

Webb WMA

Palachucola WMA

Hamilton Ridge WMA

Liberty Hill WMA

Belfast WMA

Woodbury WMA

Sumter National Forest

Francis Marion National Forest

Each WMA has its own set of rules, and some are open to deer hunting only through the Public Lottery Hunts Program. Be sure to get the specifics at

Luke Deal’s first crossbow buck

Luke Deal, an 8-year-old hunter from Cabarrus County, NC killed his first buck ever last year, and he shot it with a rifle. And he entered the 2022 deer hunting season with one goal. He wanted to kill a deer with his crossbow.

After lots of practice, the young hunter refused to hunt with anything other than his crossbow until he bagged a deer with it. He did just that, and did it in style, on an afternoon hunt in Mecklenburg County. A nice 8-point buck moved into range, and Luke pulled the trigger at 15 yards. It was a perfect shot.

Great job young hunter!

11-year-old kills trophy buck

11-year-old Jacob Gearheart killed a trophy buck in full velvet in Calhoun County, S.C. on Aug. 14, 2021.

Youth hunter Jacob Gearheart of Lexington, S.C. killed a trophy 8-point mainframe buck in Calhoun County on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021. He was hunting from a box stand with his dad on Game Zone 3’s Youth Day when he pulled the trigger on the big buck, which was in full velvet.

The young hunter and his dad tried to jumpstart the season that morning, but a buck that was showing up daily on their trail cam did not show up Saturday. So they went to plan B, which was to hunt a different property that evening. The plan worked out well.

After walking in to the stand that evening, they waited patiently until a 9-point buck showed up. Unfortunately, this deer was too young to shoot according to the hunt club rules. So Jacob waited. A doe showed up and almost spoiled the party, blowing dozens of times before running off.

“We kind of thought that was the end of it,” said Jacob’s dad. But they stayed put, and so did the 9-point buck.

Not long after, the 8-point buck showed up. They could tell this deer was bigger and older. Jacob’s dad gave him the go-ahead to shoot the buck when he had a clear shot, which didn’t happen right away.

“I was nervous that he wouldn’t turn broadside,” said the youngster. Luckily, after a few minutes, the deer turned, offering the hunter a clear shot.

“When he pulled the trigger, it dropped. On the spot. It didn’t move,” said Jacob’s dad. “Last year, he shot a buck from the same stand, but we couldn’t find it. So this was a bit of vindication for Jacob,” said his dad.