6-year-old kills giant cull buck


The giant buck was 5 1/2-years old

CT Hallman, 6-years-old, killed a giant 6-point buck that weighed 195 pounds at The Territories in Newberry County, SC on Oct. 18, 2023.

The deer has been aged at 5 1/2-years-old, and he was quite the roamer according to Hallman’s dad, Thomas Hallman.

“The deer was a roamer. Of the 2500 acres we manage here at The Territories, this buck used most of it. My son CT put an end to a 6-week cat-and-mouse game that had no rhyme or reason,” said Hallman.

After seeing the buck show up at a small food plot that was set up in hopes of attracting a doe for the young hunter to shoot, Hallman picked up his son from school and went directly to the stand overlooking that very food plot.

The buck showed up again, and CT shot it with a .243

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