Some SC WMAs will open for Sunday hunting

Some WMAs in SC will be open for Sunday hunting beginning Oct. 15, 2023.

South Carolina deer hunters, as well as small game hunters, will be happy to see that several of the Palmetto State’s WMAs and two National Forests will begin opening for Sunday hunting as of Oct. 15, 2023.

According to SCDNR, hunting will be allowed on Sundays between Oct. 15 and Jan. 31 for those species in season on the following WMAs:

Edisto River WMA

Webb WMA

Palachucola WMA

Hamilton Ridge WMA

Liberty Hill WMA

Belfast WMA

Woodbury WMA

Sumter National Forest

Francis Marion National Forest

Each WMA has its own set of rules, and some are open to deer hunting only through the Public Lottery Hunts Program. Be sure to get the specifics at

Another alleged poacher busted by SCDNR

The SCDNR busted another suspected turkey poacher this week. The case happened in Union County, SC.

According to the South Carolina Game Wardens, Region 1 CO Horlacher and PFC Gardner found some turkey bait, along with two dead turkeys. The birds, which were not tagged, had been discarded.

LCPL Burnett joined the two other wardens and they contacted the owner of the property in question. As they proceeded to investigate, they found more violations had occurred during the 2023 turkey hunting season. They charged the alleged poacher with numerous violations, including harvesting more than the wild turkey daily bag limit, hunting turkeys in a baited area, failure to tag turkey at point of kill, and failure to report turkey harvest. 

The suspect will have his day in court soon, but for now, he’s an “alleged poacher.”

Alleged SC turkey poacher busted

SCDNR officials busted a turkey hunter in Saluda County for numerous violations.

After receiving a tip of a possible trespassing to hunt violation in Saluda County, SCDNR Region 3 Officer Alveshire and PFC Miller located and checked the hunter in question.

They learned that the land the hunter had permission to hunt the land he was on when they located him. But after calling in PFC Moon and K-9 Blade, they were able to determine the path the hunter had walked, which showed he had been trespassing previously.

The game wardens continued their investigation, finding numerous other violations.

They found the remains of two turkeys the poacher had killed in recent days. Neither turkey was tagged, and he failed to report either turkey. They also found a substance which appeared to be fentanyl.

SCDNR confiscated the poacher’s firearm and hunting gear, and booked him into the Saluda County Detention Center.

SCDNR press release on Tyler Doyle search

The following is a press release issued by SCDNR on Feb. 13, 2023:

S.C. Department of Natural Resources continues its ongoing search for Tyler Doyle and reiterated its position that the case is a hunting/boating accident.

SCDNR’s investigation indicated that at about 4 p.m. on Jan. 26, Tyler and a friend were duck hunting in a 16-foot jon boat at the Little River jetties. The jetties are rock structures near the South Carolina/North Carolina line that extend from shore out into Little River Inlet and help boats navigate the swirling tides and currents.

A small-craft advisory was in effect that afternoon, meaning seas were rough and not conducive for smaller vessel operation. Tyler initially dropped the friend off on the north jetty and then moved away in the boat to scout and put out some duck decoys. They stayed in contact on the phone, although the friend said he lost sight of Tyler as he went around the south jetty. Shortly afterwards Tyler called his friend stating the boat was having mechanical issues and he couldn’t keep the motor running and the boat was taking on water.

Another boat was flagged down by Tyler’s friend and attempted to get to Tyler but had to return because of rough sea conditions.

A 911 call initiated a multi-agency search including SCDNR, North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue and the Coast Guard. An Horry County Fire Rescue boat was on scene within nine minutes of being dispatched. Tyler’s friend was rescued from the Little River jetties and they were able to locate Tyler’s boat, which was submerged with the bow up and motor down, with only a foot of the boat showing above water. Rescuers noted the water temperature was 50 degrees, and the air temperature was 39 degrees.

SCDNR’s lead investigator for this case, Ronnie Floyd, confirmed numerous calls were made by Tyler and his friend to 911, as well as family and friends seeking assistance. Location data from Tyler’s Life360, a location-sharing app, which was provided to investigators by Tyler’s family corroborates the independent carrier location data obtained from Tyler’s phone carrier.

SCDNR investigators say the phone records, coupled with the data location information, witness interviews, a boat inspection and recovered items currently indicate this to be a hunting/boating accident and no foul play is suspected at this time.

Rumors regarding pending criminal charges against Tyler are unfounded.

Weather conditions that day, coupled with boating mechanical issues, appear to be the predominant contributing factors.

S.C. Department of Natural Resources remains committed to continuing the search as conditions allow. The agency currently has assistance from Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, N.C.

Wildlife Resources Commission and help from the nonprofit search-and-rescue organization Wings of Hope. SCDNR wants to thank all agencies that have assisted.

“We mourn right alongside Tyler’s family and our officers have been with them throughout this process,” said SCDNR Investigator Ronnie Floyd. “We want to bring them closure, and that’s why we are working every day to try and find him.”

SCDNR is providing regular updates on Twitter @SCDNR.

Get the Go Outdoors South Carolina app

South Carolina anglers and hunters will love this new app from SCDNR!

Anglers and hunters in the Palmetto State need to have the appropriate licenses for whatever fishing or hunting they’re doing. Purchasing them used to be a hassle. You had to find a store that sold them, then fill out the paperwork (by hand, like cavemen!), then haul that little folded up scrap of paper in your wallet, just hoping to never lose or ruin it.

Then came online purchasing. That was much easier, but you still had to wait on the license to come in the mail. After a while, they allowed you to print the license from your home printer, as long as you had one. 

But now, it’s even easier. SCDNR now has the Go Outdoors South Carolina App, which you can download to your phone. The app allows you to view your current hunting and fishing license, apply for lottery hunts, register and renew your watercraft, report turkey harvests through SC Game Check, upgrade to a hard license (sort of like a credit card), and purchase SCDNR gear.

But that’s not all. The app also has a “Digital Backpack” that has loads of information, like tide charts, sunrise/sunset times, feeding times, and the Hunter’s Toolbox, which shows real-time harvest data for the state. You can also find all the regulations, boat ramps, and a whole host of other information.

Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, hit up your play store and download the Go Outdoors South Carolina app today.