SC landowner kills hunting dog, threatens to kill more

On Sept. 23, 2023, William Gray of Sumter, SC said he was hunting on his property when he shot and killed a neighbor’s hunting dog that was wearing a tracking color and tags. Then he posted the following on his Facebook page:

So, whose dog was it? It was Garrett Williamson’s dog AnaBelle. Williamson said when the SCDNR Game Warden showed up, he seemed sympathetic to Gray. Williamson also seems to have some history with this particular Game Warden.

“He (the Game Warden) has voiced his distaste about dog hunting and houndsmen for years now,” said Williamson.

Here is the Williamson’s side of the story, just as he posted it on Facebook:

Hunting with dogs is somewhat controversial, with landowners calling for their property to be respected, and dog hunters often stating that they can’t control where their dogs run. Either way you look at it, in the state of South Carolina, killing a hunting dog, even when it’s on your property, is illegal. And removing the collar of a hunting dog is illegal as well.

Let’s take a look at exactly what South Carolina law says concerning hunting dogs:

We’re not lawyers, but from what we see reading these laws, Gray should have been charged more than $125, and should spend a minimum of 30 days in jail as well.

What do you think should happen in this case?

34 thoughts on “SC landowner kills hunting dog, threatens to kill more”

  1. Gray should be jailed for a heck of a lot longer than 30 days. Those dogs don’t know property lines, and it’s very easy to let them get out of the country FAST. Ed Laney should also never hold a position as gamewarden again. It’s folks like that, who give Law Enforcement a bad name. Seems both individuals forgot the love and forgiveness Jesus shows us each and every day. Absolutely zero patience or understanding for the common houndsman of today’s world. And people wonder why we can’t all just get a long. It’s for ignorant actions such as Mr. Gray’s.

    1. He not only makes threats to houndsman, I have screenshots off his facebook of him threatening to shoot a person for being on the neighbors property. I hope they take his guns away, before he kills a person.

      1. Heather, why don’t you worry more about your own useless existence and less about what is on my Facebook. Seriously. Get a life and get outta your feelings, feelings ain’t laws and unconstitutional laws carry no weight in court. I made no threats to kill anyone. I made a promise, but I guess dealing with the keyboard warriors on Facebook leaves you thinking that no one makes a promise anymore… what a tard.

    2. Look here guy, my land is 6.5 miles away and Accross a 5 lane hwy from that hunt clubs land. I have more rights on my property than some lazy asshole down the roads dog does. Talk about who and what ya know and don’t try to interject your thoughts as facts. I’m William Gray and I typed this message.

    3. You’re right about half of one thing… dogs don’t know property lines. But the owners of the dogs do, the lazy asses watching those flatscreen monitors seeing where the dogs are going do and can. Your dog doesn’t have more rights on my land then I do. If I chose to pen up that mutt and call the owner, then that woulda been my choice to do so, but I’m no realm of reality should a property owner lose his or her rights to enjoy their property because of a damn mutt. And y’all can say what ya want on here, but I didn’t see one damn person man up when my address and phone number was posted on social media. So just keep on talking on the keyboard. And keep your dogs off my land

  2. They should convict him of committing a felony with a 50.000$ fine 5 years in prison and the game warden should be fired

    1. No felony was committed, so how would I be charged with one?? Seriously, if all you keyboard wussies knew a tenth of what you thought you knew, you’d still be in remedial classes.

  3. I guess you didn’t want to show the pictures of where the guy blew Annabelle’s guts out…..leaving her to die.
    Or do a little more digging with the freedom of information act and see how many other dog shootings and the results of those have been….and if they’re tied to any of the folks mentioned in the story.

      1. And to you… you really should vet your stories better before you start jumping on the bandwagon. It wasn’t a neighbors dog I shot, the dog wasn’t legally hunting… anyone who says it was is misguided. The dog was released 6.5 miles away from my property. It crossed over many other properties as well as a 5 lane hwy to get to my land. That “special” dog ruined my hunt, on my land, and I don’t give a damn if it carried a neon banner with the owners info, I keep my animals secure, and I keep my property unmolested by poachers. 2 legged or 4 legged.

    1. I didn’t leave her to die, I put a second one through her quickly to end her suffering. I’m a lot of things but letting an animal suffer ain’t something I do. I really wish y’all could just leave shit alone, but ya cant. Ya gotta run your mouths about shit you have no idea about and think you’re justified in doing so. Go back to special education and leave the problems of the world to grown ups.

  4. Not advocating shooting anyone’s dog but you can control them during field trials from leaving your property but hunting season you just let them run because you can’t control them now. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. The number of the owner was on the collar, If my neighbors cows out of the fence can I shoot it? Hell no! Come on what a stupid comment

  5. How bout getting rid of climbing a tree and hiding in a deer stand 100 yds from a pile of corn or whatever you bait with
    The game should be fired and the man dealt with according to the law
    People wanta post their opinions but not their names smdh


  6. It’s a shame that dog hunters have to feel like their dogs aren’t safe when hunting. Hunting of any type is a sport; just the same as fishing, football, etc. People should be allowed to enjoy their sport and not have to worry about things such as your dog being killed for no reason. I believe the one who killed the dog and the Game Warden should both be punished. It’s a crime to shoot a hunting dog and the guilty parties need to face the consequences of committing a crime!

    1. Ya know, if they cared about that dog half as much as you talk about safety, put a damn 5 foot fence around the property to keep your dogs in. It ain’t that hard. I keep my dogs contained and secure at all times. Not for their safety but for the public’s. I guess I’m more responsible in that aspect than deer dog runners. You know where your dogs are at all times, so quit being lazy and head em off, turn em around, keep on your land! And it wasn’t a neighbors dog with no reason to shoot it. It was no longer legally hunting when it trespassed onto my land and screwed up my hunt. My name is William Gray, I’m the guy that shot the mutt, and I’m the guy that will do it again and again until y’all realize if ya wanna use dogs, cool, but keep em on your own land. Problem solved

      1. I don’t even hunt, but Mr. Gray is off the chain 😂😭🤣…he said what he said 💯 and meant it.. but I love animals frfr so I can’t laugh at that part but everything else got me over here laughing so hard cause he’s a one man army and not biting his tongue.. I stg he reminds me of my dad!! I do understand both sides tho! Cause if it’s a private property or he made it clear the first time.. I would have done everything in my power to keep my dog away, but on the other hand ..the dog didn’t deserve to die! I feel like at least called the pound or something ! Hopefully y’all can work through this and come to a mutual agreement! Sincerely a young woman interested in hunting

    1. For what? Being on his own land trying to enjoy a peaceful hunt? Why should I go to jail and pay restitution? Seems to me like the hunt club should be paying me for a days rent, securing their dog and collars and taking time outta my day to wait on the Dnr officer to come collect the dog and collars that I called and told them I shot the dog.

  7. Anyone killing a dog should be prosecuted! Whether it be a hunting dog or other. A game warden does not have the right to choose sides!! It is his DUTY TO UPHOLD THE LAW! That being said he should loose his job. I’m not a big fan of hunting deer with dogs, BUT, I’m not a fan of a deer hunter baiting them with corn 10 foot from their stands either!! What’s the difference? That animal did only as trained!! The LAW WAS WRITTEN BY HUMANS!! So it needs to be upheld, this man BROKE THE LAW, he killed another man’s dog, removed her tracking collar and has publicly stated he will do it again!! NO BRAINER HE NEEDS TO BE CHARGED AS A CRIMINAL!! GAME WARDEN FIRED HE DID NOT DO HIS JOB!! It’s his job to know THE LAW!! Rant over!

  8. Dog hunting in SC has a bad rep, and with good reason. The dog not knowing property lines is the worst excuse out there. If you don’t have enough standers to catch the dogs, don’t put them out. If you don’t have a big enough tract of land to dog hunt, stick to still hunting. A dog should Never be harmed. There is no reason to kill a beloved hunting dog. It should have been worked out by the warden and men involved. There is more to the story. They are not telling all sides respectfully. I think the man who shot the dog was wrong. That was a violent act. This world has turned black.

    1. Bud, we’re hunting thousand upon thousands of acres. He was hunting 7. Our dogs never gone that way before it was a strong NW wind from tropical storm passing by. We only hunt 4 hours a week 11 times a year there with all that land. There are two sides and y’all heard the killers and the sorry game wardens which don’t match up. My side will come soon enough in court. This ain’t no Berkeley or Dorchester county dog club hunting 700 acres 3+ days a week.

      1. I’ve had the privilege of hunting at this club as a guest a few years back. This is a fine group of men and women from top to bottom. I see nothing but respect to other land owners and hunters coming from this group. I just thought it was important to stress this.

      2. I saw on his Facebook where he threatened not only to shoot dogs, but a person if they even went on his neighbors property. They need to take away his gun rights, if the law doesn’t handle him he’s going to kill someone or get hurt himself.

      3. Im so sorry this happened to you! Much love from Missouri, keep us posted .

      4. So are you the dogs owner or is Burt causey? A dog can’t have 2 owners, also, who the hell said I had 7 acres to hunt? I have 28 total in this area, you knew that dog was more then 6 miles away, and yet you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CATCH HER OR TURN HER AROUND. You can blame strong winds and all the other excuses in the world, but at the end of the day, if you knew your dog was on other peoples land, and you allowed it hoping it would jump a buck or doe and run it back to y’all, that’s poaching and illegal as well. You all think cuz you all have a ton of money, that the county is your dogs babysitting club, it ain’t! I have the right to enjoy my land that I pay taxes on and to hunt on my land I un harassed by your damn dog released 6.5 miles away. My name is William Gray, yes I shot the mutt, but through all the posts I’ve seen and all the sympathy y’all are trying to milk outta this situation, one thing is bugging me. If that was such a special hound, why is it outta the 72 or so photos y’all posted of her not one had a deer at her feet that she ran…. Must not of been that special of a dog unless y’all used her to run deer off other peoples land back to y’all so you could shoot it. Good luck in court. Y’all are gonna need it. And let me keep hearing threats towards my wife and kids…

  9. Gray is unhinged to say the least, dog hunting has been around a LOT longer than his land ownership , its a national tradition worth keeping and fighting for , and lazy peoples habits of killing animals over piles of corn is pathetic , THAT should be outlawed for anyone other than a handicapped person, its NOT Hunting the best title you could ever achieve would be “Master Baiter” prosecute that sick man and the spineless game warden also!

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