No foul play suspected in missing duck hunter case

Last week we shared a story of missing SC duck hunter Tyler Doyle, complete with conspiracy theories posted on numerous social media pages. But as the search for Doyle continues past two full weeks, law enforcement agencies have said no foul play is suspected.

Several state and local agencies are continuing the search for Doyle, and this week, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization called Wings of Hope Search and Rescue joined in. This group brought in boats equipped with underwater sonar and 3D imaging, drones, and cadaver dogs.

Whatever conjecture has come from numerous armchair private investigators on social media, law enforcement and rescue agencies believe Doyle disappeared in the exact manner as reported on Jan. 26, when Doyle’s hunting partner called 911 after seeing Doyle’s boat, which had become disabled, taking on water outside of the jetties connecting Little River to the Atlantic Ocean.

The hunting partner was standing on the north jetty when the first rescue team arrived, having been dropped off by Doyle earlier. Duck hunting from these jetties is not uncommon, and leaving one hunter in one spot, then boating to another spot in order to cover more water or to set up decoys is also a fairly common practice.

Doyle’s neoprene waders, which are capable of floating for an extended period of time, were found by family members during the first couple of days after his disappearance. His wallet and some decoys have also been found.

21 thoughts on “No foul play suspected in missing duck hunter case”

  1. This is a nice recovery but taking fake news and running with it in the beginning when Tyler and his family deserve so much more was repulsive. Your news outlet is nothing short of junk.

  2. But families story’s don’t add up the add said they pulled them out the water and josh said they were never in the water the waders so hhhmm

    1. It was never said they werent in the water. Josh posted the video of the waders being pulled from the water. Where are you getting your fake stories???

  3. All you naysayers out there. It’s about time for you to shut up and help look for this young man. You should be ashamed of your selves. Ask yourself what if it was you missing? Just think about it.

    1. My family would file a missing person report giving them access to all of local and state resources to search for me. They also would be giving every interview they could to make awareness. Ask yourself who is profiting off of his disappearance. Even Josh who was a nobody is now getting racing sponsorships?

      1. After half the world demanded answers from her, and ridiculed her for the first few days. That woman is almost 9 months pregnant, she doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing. You should be ashamed of yourself. Who raised you??? #TEAM38STRONG

      2. The wife is pregnant and She had to go silent because she was getting freaken death threats from all these jerks and wannabe Facebook detectives!!

      3. She went silent because she was getting freaken death threats from internet trolls!!

  4. Someone posted that was a Coast Guard for awhile. Why wasn’t there a pile of his belongings coming up to the surface ? When the boat sank… also the boat has sank the boat hasn’t sank nobody knows that’s why everyone is making their own theories.

  5. Prayers for his family. Armchair detectives need to shut up or go help search. Anyone with any sense knew there wasn’t foul play. It was an accident that could have happened to anyone.

  6. Hope you got the publicity you wanted for that first disgusting post you made. Says alot about this company.

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